Guenter G. Rodewald

Consultant to Literary Agencies & Publishers

About me

Born the youngest son of the bookseller Wilhelm Rodewald, I spent my afternoons as a schoolboy in my father's bookstore and my evenings and nights as an extra and in small parts at the legendary Bremen Theater.

After finishing school, I studied mathematics and law at the Universities of Kiel and Bremen. My activism with in political Autonomist groups in the 1970s carried me to the Buchladen im Ostertor bookstore in 1979, and I suddenly found myself in the same profession as my father, which I had actually never planned to pursue. In 1985, I left my hometown for Barcelona.

There, by happy chance, I met Ute Körner (1939–2008), in whom I found a great mentor and who taught me the wonderful profession of the literary agent. In 2000 I became a co-partner of the Ute Körner Literary Agent and was managing director beginning in 2005.

In 2013, I left the agency and since January 2014 I have been working as an independent consultant for literary agencies and publishers inside and outside Spain.

From July 2014 until April 2016 I have been working as Contract Manager in the international Pontas Literary & Film Agency in Barcelona.

In addition to that, I wrote as a columnist and Spain correspondent for the German trade magazine and continuing writing for other trade publications and internet portals. I have been teaching promising publishers as a part of master classes at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 

Another of my activities are the design and maintenance of websites and the corresponding social media, most recent examples: KONTRAST · Männermode in Bremen / Germany and the Official Facebook Page of the Spanish-Irish author and biographer Ian Gibson.

Since July 2016 I live again in Bremen and work from here as a freelance agent, consultant, social media manager and organizer of author readings.

Here's my BLOG: THOUGHTS FREE HOUSE | Multilateral Reflections - >>> Link